Sunday, November 16, 2014

Great article from an Alaskan local paper of all places

The gluten made her do it: How going gluten free saved my daughter's mental health

This is a wonderful read. I love sceptics and this woman is very sceptic. But I have to mention that this was how medicine was practised in the old days. Someone would have heard that something had an effect and then they would try it out. Or they would have an idea like the guy who invented the small-pox vaccine by inoculating a poor kid with cow pox (please do not do anything potentially dangerous to children because you think it will work - talk it over with someone smart like your doctor). Actually, don't do anything potentially dangerous to children or anyone else, full stop.

There's a good point in there that doesn't get much attention: that auto-immune disease tends to run in families. I may have mentioned him on the blog but I have a mate with diabetes 1 and each of his three brothers and both parents have their own auto-immune disease. Different diseases for each one, mind.

I think I got this link from The Paleo Drummer on Facebook. Yep, just checked and I did. Like him if you want - he posts good stuff.