Sunday, June 9, 2013

Midway between Paleo Nazi and eating like a child

The Paleo drummer did a really good piece on finding your balance between eating well and eating fun (though personally, I think paleo food is very enjoyable or I wouldn't be eating it, see gluttony, but there are things that are sociable and just very high in reward).

The basic tenet is that everyone is a special little snowflake and you should listen to your body, blah blah. Sound advice.

I just figured I would take the opportunity to post my personal list of the things in the borderlands for me.
Potatoes: no! Boiled, mashed, or roasted they make my keratosis pilaris worse but rarely make me break out. Deep-fried potatoes or potato powder is just awful. Gives me zits. Reminds me of the Clearasil tv adverts of my youth where kids would share pizza and make fun their classmates' acne behind their back. Good times. Clearasil is fantastically useless against acne btw.
Wine and grapes: Not really good for me, digestion-wise.
Gluten, in beer and home-made cakes: Surprisingly, not that much of an issue. The sugar and alcohol both lead to cravings sometimes but it's not really an issue. And too much alcohol is too much alcohol. Same as too much sugar is gross mouth-feel, bloated, drowsy, fucked.
Store-bought or "semi-homemade" cakes and other treats: No no no no no no. God no. Just when I think I might have figured it out (like macaroons) I find that I have in fact not. Semi-homemade is the worst because you feel like you can't say no when "they made an effort" and you don't want to be the dick who points out that they could just as well have picked up 5 doughnuts for 65p in Tesco. Because that's how shit their cake is.
Rice: I eat it when I'm out and there's not real "meat and veggies" option. Which is slang for cock and balls apparently. I don't mind, I like all four. Rice makes me overeat carbs and that then kills my appetite for the next couple of days. So good for carb-loading and also good because I love sushi. Which I really do overeat and it's glorious. Joy. *Note Carb-loading is generally once a week at most. That follows the turnover rate of thyroid hormones pretty well.
Milk: There doesn't seem to be much difference between when I do dairy and when I don't. Milk, some Greek yoghurt or skyr, ice cream. Ice cream is a treat of course and one of the few I buy ready-made (though I am pretty good about checking whether it was made with vegetable oil or dairy - vegetable oil ice cream is a gross concept). I do not like cheese. From descriptions it sounds like people eat it as mindlessly as potato chips.
Chocolate: This might depend on the brand but if there's a bar in the cupboard I'll end up eating it and regretting it. No matter if it's 56% or 85%. A leftover bit or the little ones you get with coffee is fine. If it's milk chocolate it just goes in the bin. Ew.

So there it is. Gluten might not fuck me up like it does to so many people but wheat is still really addictive and is usually in a context where I die from eating too many carbohydrates. Splat. So I don't. Eating my veggies instead keeps me rock-steady.

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