Friday, September 7, 2012

Brekky - part 7

24/8-27/8 Lots!
My dad was visiting and I didn't write anything down. I am guessing that we had asparagus, tomatoes, mushrooms, apples (fried up), tenderheart cabbage, onions, celery, sweetpotato, eggs, bacon, D&A Harrowgate pork sausages, gluten-free beef sausages, leftover slow-cooked brisket. Probably some other stuff as well. And my Dad managed to eat two loaves of bread and half a baguette in the 4 days he was here =( He mentioned that his mum used to say that you turned black inside if you didn't eat bread. I have no idea what that even means. I fed him extremely delicious food while he was here and made him pay himself for all his bread and cake and what not. I had bought him milk for his coffee/tea though.

28/8 Nothing
Slept in Edinburgh and had a cup of tea in the morning before grabbing a train home. Here's a section from one of the shops at Waverley train station:

Had lunch around noon before going to work.

29/8 Fried salmon, cherry tomatoes, green bell pepper

30/8 No friggin' clue

31/8 Smoked salmon, red bell pepper, avocado, lettuce, cashews, gomashio


  1. What nan used to say was that we had to eat our rye bread before we could have any white bread. So white bread was sort of a lunch dessert. Otherwise you'd turn black inside your stomach. Whatever that meant, I sure didn't want to find out!
    See you soon, broman :-)

    1. So a dietary advice meant to limit the consumption of processed wheat bread was used to justify the excessive consumption of wheat bread. I'm sure that's never happened before, anywhere.

      PS You mean black bread. Both in the UK and US a bread made without or almost without wheat is named black bread. If you order rye you are likely to get a blank stare in the UK and something that I would say is pretty much toast bread in the US.