Friday, August 17, 2012

Brekky - part 5

14/8 4 egg omelet + avo
Scrambled up an omelet with baharat and Nomnom Paleo's Magical Mushroom Powder (it's in her iPad app but it's basically a mix with ground dried mushrooms and a-ma-zing!). That and an avocado, dunked it in a box and ate it at work after a sucky workout.
And I was really temperamental for some reason. Weird.

15/8 3 egg omelet + lettuce and cucumber
Very uninspired - almost the same as 14th.

16/8 Sweet potato hash pancake frittata
Gym morning so the evening before I made some hash (spiced with ras el hanout and lamb drippings), took it off the heat, cracked 3 eggs into it, mixed thoroughly and fried it some more. Most delicious bloody thing ever. Think this might go in the treats category. Also had like 2 bananas.

17/8 Big ass smoked salmon salad
Went out for dinner on the 16th (and not having beer was really really annoying and anti-social) so had to make both lunch and breakfast. Just made a BASSS out of a head of lettuce, 2/3 of a cucumber, 2 avocados, 250 g smoked salmon trimmings (told you I was cheap), olive oil, balsamic vinegar, pepper. Split it and added gomashio to the stuff I ate for breakfast (I always get sesame seeds in all my teeth and really don't think that's a charming look for work so I don't use it for lunch stuff).

Americans: lamb drippings is when you make a lamb roast and then stuff drips into the roasting tin. Most times you will have to add some water to dissolve it again. Of course you could just use it in a sauce to go with the lamb or mix it with some veggies and serve but I find (at least when I do a slow cooked roast) that there's plenty of umami for a long time so I pour it through a fine-mesh sieve and pop it in the fridge. I remove the fat that congeals on top before use. And then I just use it as a stock or spice. When it's cold it gelatinizes but when heated it melts nicely.

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