Monday, August 13, 2012

Brekky - part 4

Oy, this blogging is a lotta work.

10/8 Got up late - emergency meal
Ate 3 hardboiled eggs (that I had boiled in advanced), one green bell pepper, and an avocado (laziest approach to avos is to cut them in eighths and remove the peel). Liberal sprinkling with gomashio. In fact it was almost black with sesame. Made me think about how gomashio looks a bit like rat poo.

11/8 Lamb and sweet potato hash
Gym morning. Of course the gym didn't open until 9 so I wasn't there until it was past 10. Oops. Breakfast at about noon. While the hash was frying I defrosted some lamb from last weekend and snacked a little bit. Like a couple of small handfuls almonds, a couple of handfuls cherry tomatoes and 3 bananas. I cut up the lamb and fried it when the hash was done. It was glorious.
Saved the lamb fat for making dinner. In case you think all this grating sweet potatoes for hash is waaaay to much work then I agree. I just took 1-1.2 kg and grated 'em in the food processor - stored them in a plastic box in the fridge. And while I was at it I grated carrots as well. Do the carrots first.

12/8 Sausage salad
2 leftover sausages, half a head of lettuce, a red bell pepper, big handful cherry tomatoes. Started eating but found it a bit boring so added olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

13/8 Whatever there was
4 fried eggs and an avocado. Smothered in gomashio of course. The exciting thing is that the eggs weren't fried in goose fat! I finally ran out and was forced to get around to making ghee! I don't know why I'm using this many exclamation marks! I'm not excited in real life!

Americans: A kg is... you know what, fuck that. Convert it yourself. Or learn some fucking metric like the rest of the world.

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