Thursday, August 9, 2012

Brekky - part 3

ZOMG I'm like writing something every day.

6/8 Fail
I was really stuffed Sunday evening after demolishing a bit more than half a lamb shoulder through the day and really couldn't motivate myself to make a proper breakfast =( Monday morning was workout time so I ended up taking 10g BCAA before and after the gym and then eating my lunch early (11 am). I am wondering now if BCAA before working out is actually a bad idea - they are insulinogenic so it might reduce the glucose released from the liver... On the other hand if glycogen stores are low-low it might not matter.
Lunch was the same as dinner Sunday evening. 3 slices of lamb shoulder diced and fried in goose fat and a teaspoon of Bart Spices baharat, with sliced mushrooms, half a tenderheart cabbage, pork stock, and balsamic vinegar. Yes, I try to eat at least half a head of things you buy in heads ('cept iceberg - useless) every day in addition to the other vegetables I eat. It is not a lot. It just takes up a fair amount of room in the fridge.

7/8 Couple of carrots and some fry-up
Ate a couple of raw carrots with a fry-up consisting of cherry tomatoes, muchrooms, a small onion, 2 slices bacon, 3 eggs.
"Devil man! You said no bacon!" Yes, I said no bacon and I did it for a very specific reason. This:
Credit unknown, unfortunately.
Bacon is more salt and fat than protein. As such you (and I) should only eat bacon from pastured pigs, processed by an actual butcher rather than a factory, and you should treat it as an occasional condiment to your protein of choice. It the pig was raised in a factory farm then the fat isn't much different from drinking generic vegetable oil to be honest (think soy, corn etc.) and if it was processed in a factory it has most likely gotten the full dose of preservatives that the law allows. So stay away from bacon or you end up in the bacon trap. It's cheap and tasty but 1) it's not a good source of protein 2) it will fuck with your digestion 3) it a big source of omega-6 fatty acids.

8/8 Yay, guests!
I had friends visit me from home so a great excuse to cook heaps of delicious food. So we had... lemme see... 2 Debbie & Andrew's Harrowgate sausages, a slice of bacon, sweet potato hash (spiced with Nom Nom Paleo's Magical Mushroom Powder, Bart Spices baharat, and garlic powder), and a veggie fry-up of cherry tomatoes, onions, red bell pepper strips, and asparagus tips. Yum yum yum.

9/8 Dammit
So a gym morning but I had neither made lunch or breakfast the evening before so I pushed gym to around 11 am and went to work first. But not until having breakfast and making some lunch.
So for breakfast I fried up some leftover slow cooked pork from when my guests were here and fried a sliced eggplant in baharat on fairly high heat. So the eggplant wasn't cooked through but was spicy and cooked on one side and mostly raw but hot on the other. Yum. I also snacked a small handful almonds and some blueberries while cooking.
And the lunch was of course more pork but with a sweet potato hash. And banana and apple afterwards. Yes, I eat a lot.

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