Sunday, August 5, 2012

Brekky - part 2

The breakfast chronicles continue:

2/8 More of that Mexican thing with Asian crossover
So for breakfast I made the same thing as 1/8 but with 3 eggs instead of four. And because it I went to the gym in the morning I made breakfast the evening before and added sweet potato hash (one sweet potato = ~200g). I used this recipe from Nomnom Paleo but replaced all the spices except garlic powder with Nomnom's Magical Mushroom Powder (from her iPad app) and gomashio. It was amazing.
The rest of the day was less amazing. I drank tea at work without milk. It's pretty awful tea. I really want milk. And protein shakes with milk. Made it home just as it began to rain. Then realised that I had forgotten my house keys at the office. Got the idea that I should go past Tesco and buy a Nak'd bar for comfort but then realised that it has dried fruit and no dried fruit allowed... Got wet.

3/8 Fried eggs with salad
More fucking eggs! I'm a bit low on protein in the fridge but going to the farm shop on Saturday. Okay, I fried up three eggs in goose fat and half a teaspoon of baharat from Bart Spices. Ate it with a salad made from lettuce, sliced mushroom, grated swede, and gomashio. The rest of my salad became my lunch after I added 1 avocado, 2 tins tuna, balsamic vinegar, basil olive oil, and ground pepper. Actually I added the avo and tuna to my lunchbox first, heaped as much salad on top as I could fit and then ate the rest of the salad for breakfast but that just reads awkwardly.
Someone brought in homemade profiteroles to work today. They were sculpted into the form of a shit-snowman (loooong story) but I still really really really wanted one.

4/8 Fry up - no eggs =)
Saturday! Basically I threw some stuff in a pan. In the following order: goose fat, a red chopped red onion, a handful cherry tomatoes, 4 sliced mushrooms, a chopped red bell pepper, 2 leftover Debbie and Andrew's Harrowgate sausages, 2 tablespoons pork stock (I need to use the last since I'm making a new pork roast soon and the last time it made about 3/4 litre strong stock), 1 tablespoon tomato paste, a squeeze chilli sauce. It was freakin' ambrosia. Maybe a bit heavy on the salt because of the stock. Should have made do with one tablespoon.

5/8 Kinda boring - superjuicy lamb with some celery
So I made some slow cooked lamb overnight in the oven. 12 hours at 90-95 Celsius. Lovingly rubbed with a mixture of rosemary, herbes de Provence, fennel seeds, olive oil, and tomato paste and wrapped around some cloves of garlic. Placed on top of two halved onions in a roasting tray and covered first with some baking paper and then tin foil. Foil to keep water in and baking paper to avoid having the tin foil touching the meat - otherwise the foil can stick to the roast or become dissolved by salt. Ate a couple of slices with some celery sticks.
Kinda wanted to have a wander into town and have a latte today =(

Americans! A Nak'd bar is the UK version of a Larabar, a swede is a turnip (okay, now my office mates are claiming, respectively, that mine was a turnip because it wasn't orange enough or that there is no such thing as a swede and that it's a turnip - all I know it that said swede on the wrapping), 3/4 litre is 3 cups, 90-95C is 200F.

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