Thursday, July 19, 2012



Yet another blog about Paleo. Will the madness never end?
Bloody well no, it won't end until most people at least have tried out how not eating neolithic foods for a month affects their bodies (and minds).

My main motivators in life are the bits that come before paleo in the title of this blog. I was too vain to put up vain and sexiness is just so much more fun. And people asking me about what exercise I do motivated me to start a blog since people look at you like you are a freak if you start to talk about food when they asked about exercise. But I only spend about 2 hours in the gym per week. I do do efficient compound movements but it's all about the delicious, delicious food.

I am a trained and practising scientist in the life sciences field. I don't do nutritional science but I think it's really entertaining and I am after all life science literate. I don't need more citation stress in my life, thank you very much, so I'll keep it to the absolute minimum. There might slip one or three studies in there but generally I will just rant and you will have to trust me. If you think I'm wrong then please do add some citations to your comments. Otherwise I might just ignore or delete your comment - my blog after all. Please have actually read the paper you are citing too (at the very least the abstract). I promise I'll have a look.

Hopefully there will be posts on how to combine laziness and gluttony - they may even be sexy. On the other hand I am quite lazy so let's see what happens. Welcome! I hope paleo will bring you as much good as it has for me (or more since I didn't really have that many issues before I started it besides being skinny-fat and zit-prone).

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